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Live from the Maduko World Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma we bring you the hilarity of a talented pool of deadbeats, ne'er do wells and slackers. Humor and artistic noise mostly from the Eighties and early Nineties. Contains no magical powers.

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Wednesday Jun 17, 2020

We're back with an even more eclectic splash of music, sound and rhythmic noise. This episode features Dart Steed, David Burdick, Tony Dapolito and Rex Brown. Relax and enjoy.  

Sunday May 03, 2020

More music and silliness. Two songs that seem to fit these crazy times: Downtime, which is what many of us are experiencing, and Mr. Mindless, a demo track that describes our present leadership. For fun we have a spot for the walking man's friend, Papa Joe David, and the Mad Daddy's greatest hits! Subscribe for future podcasts and visit for Radio Milan music and swag.

Monday Apr 27, 2020

More zany humor, blues music and pancakes from the Maduko Factory Outlet. This episode features Ben Griffin, Robert Bowe, David Burdick, Chris Hale and Rex Brown.  Subscribe to stay tuned to future podcasts and visit for Radio Milan music and swag. 

Friday Apr 10, 2020

This time we have some music, some fun and some Greek food! The opening tune is a Radio Milan demo track called Final Broadcast.  As always there's more silliness, this time featuring Tony Dapolito and... wait for it, Joe Dapolito!  Subscribe to stay tuned and visit for more Radio Milan music and swag. 

Friday Mar 27, 2020

Some tunes, some schtick, some wayback brought to you by Bong-O-Lux and Astrix 7. This one features Scott Miller, Ben Griffin, David Burdick, Robert Bowe and Retha Brown.

Monday Mar 23, 2020

Here's a mashup of some classic radio spots. Most of these were recurring themes for the Maduko Radio Show Players and quickly became classics. Classics include Herb's Head Shop, Jack Griffith's Gas Up and Papa Joe David's used cars.  Perpetrators on this episode include Tony Dapolito, Ben Griffin and Rex Brown.

Saturday Mar 21, 2020

If this podcast has you wondering... well, you're not alone!  This interview with podcast creator Rex Brown might provide some answers. URL the Encoder, the Maduko AI robot, asks why anyone would bother posting crap like this. 

Saturday Mar 21, 2020

A theatrical tour de farce for your enjoyment. Brought to you by Chef Boy-ar-oin, Stereo Stolen and Conquista Door & Window. Featuring Tony Dapolito, Robert Bowe and Rex Brown.

Thursday Mar 19, 2020

Another rousing audio assault featuring world news. Brought to you by Food Town and Jack Griffith's Celebrity Gas-Up. Featuring the voices of Scott Miller, Eric Kehr, Rex Brown, Chris Hale and Ben Griffin.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2020

A brief ha ha for your enjoyment.  Is it a glitch? Maybe not. NSFLV (not safe for loud volume) in most settings. Featuring the voices of Kenton Gray, David Burdick and Rex Brown.

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